11/03/2013 00:27


Deformed people

This is a topic that many people would not love talking about, but the truth of the matter is that deformation is a reality which lives within us and can not be ignored. There has been a diverse debate on what exact causes deformities among people and specifically among children. We all, if not most of us acknowledge that deformed people go through difficulties by trying to fit in various communities. We have witnesses a number of congenital deformities among others that has been a big challenge to the surgical doctors thus risking the life or possibility of living a normal life.

Pictures of Deformed People

Some of the common deformities include Ear, head, mouth, leg, breast, toe, spine, Hallux Valgus Deformity, Congenital Deformities among others. There has being a number of deformity that are extra – ordinary from common deformities thus making people with such complication rare human beings.

For instance, it was reported some time back in Egypt a baby was borne in from of a frog. People with such deformity causes mix reactions among the people in which the person is born in but it has been discovered such deformed people don’t live quite long. Although, some deformity can be treated with proper medication and surgery, the rare cases are often difficult to be treated and some times the attempt is often not successful. There are a number of deformities than once detect early enough in a human being can be 100 percent cured.

Many medical practitioners and surgical doctors have urged that plastic surgery works miracles to many people with deformities more so the congenital deformities. It should be noted however, this kind of treatment is limited to some cases thus it may not be an option to rare humans and more complicated form. With invention of high tech surgical and technology contribution has played a vital role in treating to reduce or cure the number of Deformed People in our communities.

There has a number of reported cases of Abnormal People with various deformities which has been identified globally, with the images provided will aid in understand how the issue of deformity need serious attention by all stakeholders.