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When using PrestaShop for you ecommerce website, you are able to choose between different outlooks. To install a new PrestaShop theme, you have to download it locally and to extract the archive at your computer.


If you sell goods, services or digital goods (such as software, ebooks, MP3 music, video files, etc.) on your site, you at least two ways to set up a shop on your site. Those who use a third party payment gateway like PayPal can simply use the order form that is provided by the service, as taught in the article How to make an order or a Buy Now button on your website using PayPal.


Sometimes, however, especially if you sell more than one item or if you sell digital products, it may be useful to set up your own shopping cart. For digital products, allowing your basket automatically deliver the ordered goods Install Theme Prestashop  your visitors. If you have your own merchant account and can process payments by credit card yourself, then install your own basket is probably necessary.


This tutorial series takes you through the process of installing software like shopping cart, PrestaShop. This is an open source and free which allows you to sell both physical goods and digital goods and services from your online store. If you do not already have the program, you can find listed on page Shopping Carts free and open source PHP.


Preliminary Matters

If you're new to this Install Prestashop

If you do not have a website yet, you should start with the tutorial How to design / create your own website: Beginner's Guide AZ. It was written with beginners in mind, and made ​​little or no assumptions about what you know. If you still do not know the things mentioned there, and start with the tutorial here PrestaShop, you may find yourself very confused.


PrestaShop Shopping Carts and More

There are many different shopping cart software around popular usage. I'm not saying that PrestaShop is better or worse than any of them. This is neither a positive or negative recommendation. This is just a tutorial for the installation and configuration of PrestaShop, written for those who want to use the software.


Software version

I used version PrestaShop to write this tutorial because it was the latest version when I visited their site. If you are using a newer version, the procedure below may be different from what I describe. It probably will not be too different, and you should be able to keep getting the gist of what I write below and applying it to the version that you have.


Important: You must always get the latest software for your site, and keep it updated. Do not try to get the version I have if a new version is available, just so you have a trouble free installation. All software shopping cart exposed to the Internet and vulnerable to hackers, so they tend to be regularly updated to fix bugs and known security vulnerabilities.


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