Abnormal People


When we talk about abnormal people we are actually referring to people with disabilities which could be external or internal. The abnormal behaviour of these people is mainly the point of concern, which could be any action or behaviour directly associated with their psychological conditions.

The abnormalities in people can be classified into different types which affects directly or indirectly their acceptable behavioural pattern. Often therapy for modification is used to alter this condition and convert the diagnosed person to interact appropriately in a natural manner.

Some very common abnormalities we see in our society are; not requiring the need of respecting the boundaries of others, antisocial elements who break laws, who try to put others, lives in harm, abuse publically, verbally, and are a threat physically.

Apart from these very common ones, there are some Deformed People who talk to invisible entities. Form inappropriate attachments to strangers and also can’t connect properly to the close ones. Abnormal people are known to do obscure things repeatedly.

They may experience delusional activities going around them. Some have the fear of leaving home, socializing, facing the sunlight, hallucinations, paranoia and phobias.

Experts, psychologists, and many therapists always lay stress on the root cause of this behaviour, before going for the cure. Many experts have claimed that these abnormalities may arise due to organic disorder or chemical imbalance in the brain or from any other physical problem. However, these conditions can often be neutralized and controlled to a larger extent using prescribed medicines, long-term therapies and change in lifestyle.

Abnormal people’s shocking behaviour can also be related to their psychological conditions. Experts have many cases where the problem areas were carried genetically and also caused through any sudden change in environmental conditions. Therapists say that these factors could either be a single occurring event or a long term happening, which having a huge impact on the person’s life. Let’s say if a child who is raised by parents with a long record of antisocial behaviour will naturally become abnormal anti-socially. If taking the right steps the child is taught about the correct norms of the society, he/she will undoubtedly teach good things about the society to their children. Similarly, a woman who has been subjected to sexual or character assault will develop a fear of not leaving home, which can also become intense if not taken proper steps to restrain it.

Mostly the Abnormal People are advised for new surroundings so that any such bad occurrence stored in the mind cannot occur again. The therapies can take on a one to one basis or in a group. Mostly a calm, quiet residential place is preferred. The therapists and the doctors decide the duration of the therapy and the medications to be used.