Tornado warning
Different parts of the world experiences various disasters from time to time and tornadoes are among them. Tornadoes are simply wind shears that are very erratic and shifting formed during storms. This natural disaster is one of the most devastating and traumatizing in the history of mankind. The winds come with different altitudes with constantly changing directions and move at very high speed. They are capable of causing huge destructions like demolishing of the ground for several miles at a time. Tornado Warning is thus necessary for safety purposes to human beings.
How to Prepare For a Tornado
As earlier mentioned tornadoes are very destructive and terrifying natural forces that result from very fast moving winds during a storm. There are several areas of the world that are usually plagued by tornadoes and the only way out is to learn when they are about to happen so that you seek safety elsewhere. These terrifying and destructive winds are unavoidable hence the need to always be prepared to face it and its aftermath. Here are some of the ways you can prepare for a tornado:
Stay in touch with news from your local radio stations. It is quite difficult to determine when a tornado is likely to occur. Since tornadoes are associated with thunderstorms, be watchful when they start by listening to the radio for any news regarding tornado watch.
If you get news on tornado warnings, quickly head to your home basement area or the middle room of your house.
Stay away from windows, doors and walls
In case you are outside, find the lowest part to the ground such as a ditch.
If you are driving, drive fast away from the tornado seeking a safe place or house to shelter yourself.
Leave your car immediately you realize the tornado is catching up with you.
Always have an emergency kit with food, clothing, toiletries and light among others. This is necessary because you never know for how long you will remain trapped in a tornado.
Since personal prediction of a tornado is hard, you need to be reliant on the scientific warnings sent to you through radio broadcasting stations. Scientists are working really hard to boost tornado warnings to ensure safety of all individuals living in tornado-prone areas.
With the recent tools developed by scientists, it is easier to tell where a tornado will form and thus send earlier warnings before the disaster hits. Using alert technologies will always alert you on such information so that you always remain on the lookout and enhance your safety.
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