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Move My Car-Ensuring You’re Moving Company Is Legitimate

Many people often ask, “How do I Move my car?” on various search engines and the results are a punch of moving companies advertising their business operations online. This further confuses you to settle for any moving company just to release you from the stressful relocation procedures. Rarely do people check out for legitimacy of the moving company or even know how to check for it. This is a huge risk that many people often subject their valuables such as cars without knowing. How exactly do you therefore tell whether a moving company is legitimate or not?


Check out for rogue mover signs

These are the necessary signs to guide you to the right and only legitimate moving companies. The signs are set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to enable customers determine legitimate movers right away. Some of the signs are such as:


The movers do not allow on-site inspection in regards to the things to be transported? This is a red flag for you.


How do the company representatives give estimates for moving your property? Some company representatives give estimates on the charges to be incurred in transporting your property even without inspecting the things to be moved. This also indicates a negative impact on your property relocation. Before giving estimates, the company should inspect the things to be moved first.


The company asks for huge deposits even before moving the property. The company will never allow you to access or have a booklet entitling you to the rights and responsibilities of a client.

The move will lie to you that you will get a hundred percent compensation by insurance in case of any misfortune.

No local address or physical location of neither the company main offices nor any licensing information.

 If you receive such kind of treatment or signs, it is time for you to run! a legit company will have the following features:

The company name enlisted o the FMCSA and has a Department of Transportation Number

Physical location of all the warehouses and offices as indicated in the company information

Offers inspection of property to be moved before giving out the estimates

Will always do as he client demands for instance re-weighing if the clients intend to do so.

Constant updates on the whereabouts during transit.

In answering your question, how do I move my car, all you need is look out for a legit Mover company that will ensure safe and effective delivery of your vehicle. Do not waste a single penny on rogue car movers, get your search right and select the best moving company for your car.

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