Real size genetics


Today you can easily see that men are openly talking about sexuality and their personal problems. Most of which relates to the small size of their sex organs. Many admit that they don’t feel proud of their penis’s length and they can undertake any means to overcome this.

Apart from the fraudulent lubricants and creams being targeted in the market, there are actually tools which can help you combat this problem. One such tool to improve your penis’s length is by using an extender known as Size Genetics. Size Genetics is made by Permenda Ltd, a British company based in Nottingham, England.

According to many experts the traction method used by Size Genetics Extender is actually helpful. Multiple studies have shown that this method is way better than undergoing the knife. In a study which focused both on surgical and non-surgical methods for enlargement, the traction method was considered the better and most effective way for penis enlargement.

The Size Genetics’ test was conducted repeatedly before being launched in the market, to know its true capability. More than 200 men opted for these tests, and by the end of this it was found out that the flaccid length of their penises has increased by 2.3 cm or almost 1 inch and an erected length of additional 1.7 cm or .67 inches was recorded. These entire tests hence proved that Size Genetics is actually working.

Currently Size Genetics is the most comfortable method of traction available in the market. The device has a unique 16 way setting system which allows the user to wear it for prolonged hours. And it is said that the more you wear this the better will be the results. A report says that there has been an individual who saw an astonishing 8.7 inches of length after the regular use of Size Genetics.

The Size genetics kit usually comes with a lot of components in it. The most important is the 16-way traction kit, along with free CDs and journals with detailed exercises and techniques on how to use it. There are many testimonials which count its efficacy. However, unsatisfied customers can always return their product with a full guarantee of money return.

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