Fun Zombie Games


Fun Zombie Games

The Zombie Games are all inspired by the flesh-shredding, blood-splitting, spine-shilling zombies who are depicted in the horror and slasher flicks. These fun zombie games even have their plot inspired from some of the famous zombie films like, the Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later etc.

Zombies have always been kept as the common or sometimes the prime enemies in these fun zombie games. The first such game was released in 1984, known as the “Zombie Zombie”. Since its advent zombie games have been ever popular amongst the gamers. The success parameters can easily be judged by the game Resident Evil, whose more than 3 million units were sold worldwide.

Although the main motive of these fun zombie games is to let people kill time. Many experts say that franchise such as the Resident Evil, which is hugely known for the depiction of zombies in feature films, graphic novels and cartoon series, have led an actual imagery of zombies in the minds of the people. Even researchers say that many people believe that something like a “zombie apocalypse” is possible.  Despite these antics and rumours, developers continue to put zombies in their games because people like playing them. Demand has to be met with a supply.

These Fun Zombie Games will be very popular and the developers inculcate any real changes in the game scenario. There have been very little changes made in the zombies appearing in these video games.

There are certain zombies, who fell into the same categories again and again, but people love them and that’s their selling point. There could be zombies with humongous strength kicking vans around, some zombies may appear a bit brainy and could abduct your partners, and some could be sexy and dangerous at the same time, while some could be plain as a dork.

Nonetheless the pleasure of killing all these zombies by aiming at their head is the same and this could only be derived from these fun zombie games.

Gamers always look for games which can terrorize them to such an extent which they cannot forget at the same time the graphics, the plot and the animation needs to be perfect for making a fun zombie game.