Argan Oil


Are you one of those who like spending on beauty products? You are tired of your dry and chapped skin and are looking for some really effective moisturisers that can work wonders? There’s only one solution for you, the Argan oil, perhaps the best kept beauty secret of all time.


The Argan Oil is sapped from Argan tress which is on this planet from prehistoric times. The tree type used to cover the entire region of North Africa and Southern Europe. The Berber Tribe of the Moroccan descent were the first to decipher its magical properties.


The oil has high content of Vitamin E ad Saponins, which is known for creating a smooth and supple skin. The oil also helps in reducing wrinkles and maintaining the skin’s moisture giving a cooling effect. The antioxidant properties help in curing inflammation and to neutralise free radicals. And it does all this naturally, as the oil is pure and there are no synthetic chemicals that could cause any harm such as irritation in the skin.


It’s because of these qualities it is referred to as a miracle product. The moisturising benefits both the skin and the hair. The oil does not brings temporary changes but prolong use has shown its effectiveness for a long time. At the same time, Argan oil helps to naturally restore the hair cuticle. This is made possible by the natural presence of antioxidants that directly reverse cellular damage.


To get the maximum benefit from Argan you should take it internally as well. It contains twice as much vitamin E as olive oil and is rich in antioxidants. It contains eight essential fatty acids and also rare plant sterols with anti-inflammatory properties, so it's beneficial for arthritic or rheumatic conditions.


The oil has a delicious nutty taste and is best used as a salad dressing, or drizzled over pasta – the health-giving properties are lost if it's heated. It is more expensive than your average salad oil, but seeing as you've saved a few bob on your normal moisturiser, which you can treat yourself.


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