Military Movers


The military movers are the team of experienced professionals who are experts in helping the personnel from the armed forces in moving and relocating. They help by guiding you through the entire process of shipping and transportation of the POV (privately owned vehicle). Generally this transportation is done from one duty station to another, usually with no costs, and includes ways to prepare your shipment, ways to track it and other rules and regulations.

The basic motive of Military Movers is to help the members of the armed forces with these small things, as they are already burdened with enough responsibility and stress. Taking care of their POV shipment helps them in easing out and focusing on better things of life. The Military movers find their jobs rewarding because it is their way to serve the member of the armed forces as they serve the country.

Janice, an officer with the US Navy says, “It was our first move overseas and we had a lot of questions. We did have friends with experience but Military Movers had a whole checklist of rules to follow to make sure we were completely covered from beginning to end. We’ve used them twice now and I no longer worry about any upcoming move.”

A military move doesn't proceed like a civilian move to a new home. For instance, families taking part in a military move aren't allowed to pack items for shipping and there are weight limitations as to what you can and cannot ship. Military movers might also have to store your items for a period of time prior to shipping since your new base location may not have housing ready for you. Although some of these things are out of your control, you can still take steps to prepare for the move and ease the process.

Terry, a marine with the USMC says, “We had been stationed in Germany for nearly a year when we realized we need our Jeep here. We made arrangements through Military movers to have it prepared and delivered to port in San Diego and were then able to track its progress. It arrived safe and sound for there rest of our tour here, which it turns out, was extended another 18 months.”

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