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People are often confused over what to choose from; with so many models of electric

shavers and epilators in the market. Each version of both the device is equally beneficial

in removing unwanted facial hairs without the use of water, foams etc. But people should

understand the difference in their structure and functions. This shaver blog tests both their

limits by checking their ability in treating the density of facial hair and the trimming.


The main function of an electric shaver is to cut the unwanted hair on the skin and create

Smooth stubble which looks attractive as hell. Almost all electric shavers come with a

Shaving foil with holes, sharp pair of blades and a knife block. The process starts when the

Hair comes in contact with the foil holes and is passed in between the foils where blades

Cut them, duplicating a scissor like motion. It is best advised to look for thinner foils and the

Razors should be used applying a slight pressure on the skin for smoother results.


The shave from an electric razor mostly lasts for a day to two. Therefore it is considered

Good for creating styles and stubble. Mostly the electric razor is used for the same purpose

but you will find many who use it for removing their body hairs like those on armpits and

Genitals. So we can easily assume how effectively it can be easily used all over the body,

Where there is a thick coat of hair.


Now we focus on the epilator. The device focuses on plucking the hair individually from

The root. Although many consider that this is a very lengthy process and should not be

done without prior experience. The process is initiated when an epilator is rested on the

skin its cutting rollers meet and work like a tweezers. The hair gets clamped in between

and come out when force is applied. This process can cause a lot of pain and can become

uncomfortable to continue.


The results are yet very impressive, with smooth skin lasting for two to three weeks. The

epilators are used on body parts where the hairs are less dense, like arms and legs. Using

them on armpits and genitals will nonetheless be very harmful.


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