Satellite dish tv

Understanding How A Satellite Dish TV Works

Telecommunication industry has greatly advanced with improved technology. The internet and satellite have made the world a global village. You can now easily access news from all over the world right to the comfort of your home through a satellite dish TV. Sports and syndicated programs fans can now access instant programs with ease from across the world. the use of modern transmission options such as cable TV, broadcast TV and satellite dish TV have made all these possible for home viewers to get feeds and watch their favorite programs. If you need to select a standard television set for your home viewing out of the three, it is important to understand how they work. This article elaborates I detail how the satellite dish TV works.

Satellite TV system

Some of the main components that enable the satellite dish TV to clearly transmit and distribute signals are such as;

The dish- this picks the signals from the satellite installed around the earth then transfers the feeds to the receivers set in homes across the world.

The satellite- this on the other hand receives signals from broadcast stations and transmit them to the earth.

Broadcast centers- this is considered as the central hub between the earth and homes. All TV programs and transmissions originate here in form of a geosynchronous orbit with the channels producing the shows and programs that viewers pay for in order to access them.

The receiver- this is a component of the satellite dish TV that is responsible in transmitting all data received into the standard TV sets.

The satellite signals

These travel long distances before appearing on the screen of the TV in form of shows or programs. The signals are first compressed to make it easy for transmission. Compression is very important for effective and efficient streaming of programs. Compression entails converting of files into moving pictures experts group, MPEG. There are five MPEG standards for various signal transmission purposes. What you are able to see on your satellite dish TV screen is a part of a wide and long process which starts with compression and transmission of data before you enjoy your programs.

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