Solar panels for home

Why You Need Solar Panels For Home

There are several energy sources these days ranging from biogas, solar, electricity and wind among others but the demand for a source of energy with least environmental hazards such as global warming still on the rise. Solar energy has proved to be the best option making Solar Panels for Home a necessity for every home. This is in the quest to reduce drastically environmental pollution that has for years led to degradation of the crucial ozone layer. With technology having a hand in these, solar panels for home have become the primary source of energy in many families. Installation of such panels can thus guarantee sufficient energy for the entire day and even more that can be sold to utilities!

How the solar panels for home work

Energy is usually generated in two ways from the sun i.e. concentrating solar thermal, CST and Photovoltaic whereby the latter is able to convert sunlight directly into electricity. In the case of CST, heat from the sun is collected and used to heat a certain fluid that produces steam afterwards to power up a generator that finally produces electricity to be used for home use.

Forms of solar thermal systems

There are basically three different forms of solar thermal systems to enable home users have solar energy used to perform various functions:

Parabolic trough- this is actually the most common solar thermal solar panels for home. They collect sun radiations using linear concentrator systems covered with thousands of mirrors facing north and south and aligned to follow the sun as it rises and sets.

solar power tower- these solar thermal systems rely basically on heliostats that concentrate the radiations from the sun onto a mounted tower producing a specific amount of megawatts of power.

Solar dish/ solar engines- these solar thermal systems produce a small amount of energy using two components, the power conversion unit and the solar concentrator. the dish track sun rays and convert it into electricity to be used

All these work on the same principle, collection of sun rays and converting them into usable energy that is environment-friendly and reliable provided the sun rises.

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