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Iconic Mind is a company located in Annapolis, MD, which excels in giving online services to its clients. Any help related to web based solutions, designing, web consulting, development of applications and efficient professional skills, they give it all. Iconic Mind is located in Annapolis, MD. From network services to application development, Iconic Mind offers professional services that allow both individuals and companies to more effectively work. From network services to application development, Iconic Mind offers the professional skills individuals and companies like you need to more effectively work.


At Iconic Mind we work directly with our clients so that they can make the best use of technology while focusing on security of data and network access. Services include; Internet, from web design to custom intranet applications, Iconic Mind is where you want to go. We specialize in nearly all web based languages which means we are also where you want to go to add on to your current application. Software, although the internet is the current trend for applications and communication, Iconic Mind doesn't stop there!


We offer a wide variety of desktop application choices as well. You ask, we provide. Network, from small workgroups, to large multi-server environments, Iconic Mind has the skills and expertise to plan, deploy, and maintain your environment. With a 2-tier support centre, you are sure you are receiving the level of expertise you require. Troubleshooting, both on and off-site services are available to repair, troubleshoot, maintain or speed up your current computer. For pricing and available service contracts, simply call us and we'll be happy to fit our package with your needs.


Word of mouth marketing is now more powerful than ever. Consumers are continuously embracing social media channels to get a variety of information including news, updates and even offers from their favourite brands. Iconic Mind, a company that provides organizations with comprehensive business and IT consulting services, began to realize just how big of a role social media could play in their business. Iconic Mind saw an incredible jump in their presence online and began to generate new customers. Their business began

to expand almost immediately.


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