Kindle Paperwhite Review- Is It Worth Buying?
Are you a blogger or a fan of paper books and intend to transition to e-books? Since ebooks have become crucial for bloggers and many other people, it is necessary that you considered getting a good e-reader and in this case the Kindle Paperwhite Review exceeds your expectations! Every individual who has used this e-book reader confirms loving every bit of reading on it. Today, you can see so many e-readers and thus more recommendation for kindle paperwhite e-book readers.
Features of the kindle paperwhite
Backlit screen- many people complain about computer light troubling their eyes. With the backlit screen of the kindle, things are quite different and you need not to worry about the glare but enjoy a better resolution. The light is one such special feature that makes the kindle paper white easier to read from and enjoyable without troubling your eyes.
Touch screen- many kindles come with a keypad but the paperwhite is a full touch screen kindle that is easy to use. Turning the pages is super easy as you only need to swipe or tap the screen making it easier to navigate through the pages.
Ads-many people are usually nervous with using e-readers with ads. The ads do not necessarily pop up while using your kindle but rather when you are not reading. This should however never scare you as they are nothing to worry about.
Timer- this is a unique feature in the kindle paperwhite that tells you the percentage of the book that you have read and actually how long it will take you to read through the remaining part. Can you imagine that!
Reliable at any time and easy to use
Cheap and affordable
Doesn’t bother your eyes while reading
There are no serious cons about the kindle paperwhite but some people have shown interest to knowing why they have a blue tint around the edges of the pages. This is however nothing to worry you as long as all other features enables you to read your e-books conveniently and effectively
Considering all the features of this kindle paperwhite, pros and cons, it is clear that the e-book reader is recommendable by all means to reads who intend to transition from their old e-readers to the modern type.
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