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Leachco Snoogle Total Body Cushion:

Leachco Snoogle Total Body PillowPros- this cushion is formed like the letter "C". It is possible to support your head, throat, stomach, again, and thighs without several pillows while placing working for you. Air will be allowed by the less encompassing design in and feel less warm. The snoogle is a remarkable support for the months following your shipping. Extra help might be required as your body tightens back up. Also, this design is perfect for nursing while placing in the mattress.

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Disadvantages- It's hard to change this pillow-case, meaning as a sizable expectant woman, you'll most likely want some aid shifting it. You will have to alter the direction of the cushion, which might be annoying, if you move from side to side during the night.

Leachco Back 'N Stomach Curved Body Cushion:

This pillow is by means of a "U". It is intended to aspect sleeping along with help in again sleeping. Having the ability to prop through to the spherical area of the "U" contour whether in your back or aspect, you can reduce the reflux experienced during the night. The cushion gives leg assistance on either side, whilst you shift from right to left, you will not have to transfer the cushion. This design also has two internal contours that aid with additional support again and to belly.

Disadvantages- With all the additional contoured assistance, in case you are feeling sick from stress on your belly, this may not the best design for you. A few consumers remarked the pillow-case features a look at the very top of the "U". Than this cushion might be uncomfortable to your own make, for those who have sensitive epidermis or easily disturbed by appears.

Leachco Back 'N Stomach Chic:

This cushion is by means of a "U". With newly designed features, it helps the cushion to be turned the other way and get a dual brain help. Being able to prop yourself upwards even a lot more to help in reflux and heart burn dilemmas. The cushion won't need to be repositioned through the night as you can turn from side to side and have the help you'll need. The zippered pillow-case creates easy removing.

Cons- By Means Of the brand new design features, this cushion costs over the original Back 'N Stomach. It is also when you are getting up several times a night to proceed to the restroom a little bulky, which could possibly be maddening.

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