Cookie Bite Hearing Loss


There is a special kind of hearing loss, often senorineural, which is referred to as cookie bite hearing loss. Now why cookies bite? Because the affected person’s hearing curve located in the ear looks like cookies, which are mostly U-shaped. It is also known as the U-shaped hearing loss or the pool hearing loss or the soup plate hearing loss.


The affected person has huge problems is hearing mid-wave frequencies and sounds. Usually the human and other worldly sounds are mid-frequency based, so the person suffering from cookie-bite hearing loss loses a major chunk of their hearing power. While, other people who suffer from problems like inability to catch high and low frequency however they counter this by applying suitable hearing aids.


The Cookie Bite Hearing Loss is often hereditary and mostly discovered first when a hearing test is taken on the newborn. If anything as such arises, the parents tested first. If not detected during the early ages, this kind of hearing loss is often discovered when people are between the age of thirty and forty. This is basically a type of hearing impairment which is characterised by the inability to hear mid-frequency sounds. Although the affected person might manage to have good perception of high and low frequency sounds, he/she might not hear and hard to follow a conversation.


In most cases of cookie bite the loss is due to are due to a genetically inherited conditions, rather than aging, exposure to loud noises, different illnesses and injuries or any of the other causes that are usually responsible for the more common types of hearing loss. Although a person is born with it, in some cases this may not become obvious during the first years of a child’s life because its symptoms usually begin to show and lead to more serious hearing problems after a person reaches 30 years of age.


It is not uncommon that the carrier of the condition may not even suspect that their hearing ability is compromised before the age of 30-40, especially if they have never gone through a hearing test. At a young age, a hearing check is the only option to discover the condition even if the

symptoms are not yet recognizable and it is highly recommended especially if any of the parents has a history of hearing loss in the family.


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