Citilink is the subsidiary company of Garuda Indonesia Airline and is known as a low cost airline. The company was established in 2001 and operated as a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) initially, however with increase popularity and customer demand; it has become a new alternative of low-cost airlines. Until last year it operated as the part of Garuda Indonesia but since 2012, it is working as a separate entity. All this happened after the AOC (Air Operator Certificate) certificate was awarded to the company for having a fleet of more than 14 aircrafts and a new manifesto.


Citilink Airlines now serves more than 17 routes round per day and is divided into 88 frequencies of flights to various cities in Indonesia. The company is highly dedicated to its customers and relies high on customer satisfaction for success. The subsidiary company of Garuda Indonesia has won several awards, among others by Indonesia Travel and Tourism Foundation for the category of Leading Low Cost Airline 2011/2012, Best Overall Marketing Campaign category at The Budgies and Travel Awards 2012 and most recent award is Service to Care Award 2012 from Markplus Insight.


The current fleet has seen addition of five Airbus A320-210, six Airbus A320-230 aircraft, six Boeing 737-300 aircraft and one Boeing 737-400 recently and 8 Airbus A320 planes-210 will join the family within a year’s time to complete it. The ambitions and vision of Citilink is also high. It aims to fly 7.2 million passengers this year which is an 80 percent jump from last years. The Jakarta-based airline aims to generate US$372 million in revenue from ticket sales this year looking at an average ticket price of US$ 56. The airline also aims to this year generate US$ 5.6 million in ancillary revenue such as baggage fees and on-board food and services. It has become an important revenue source for low-cost carriers.


The carrier two main bases are Jakarta and Surabaya with flights linking both cities domestically to Batam, Banjarmasin, Denpasar, Balikpapan, Medan, Makassar and Lombok. New routes are launched this month to Palembang in South Sumatra as well as Yogyakarta and Solo in Central Java. Citilink Airlines is expected to mount up its operation to 98 flights. By year-end, the carrier hopes to operate the end of this month, and plans to reach 200 flights by the end of this year. Citilink vice-president added that the carrier is now looking to establish a base in Eastern Indonesia.


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