Military Car Shipping


Military moving can be stressful for families so we try to make moving a vehicle stress free. Agape makes moving a car an easy process for Military families. Moving a vehicle across country takes time and preparation. Military movers strive to get your car to you as fast as possible while not compromising the safety and care of a vehicle. The companies specialize in shipping personal cars, motorcycles and vans both to and from overseas to the United States for Military and civilian contractors who work with the Department of Defense.

They guide you through the entire process of shipping the POV to or from the new assignment or duty station, usually at no cost to you. That includes how to prepare your shipment, how to follow all the rules and regulations, and how to track your shipment. movers offer shipping options to fit the military auto transport move. Auto Transport companies are usually not allowed on the military base. The top rated auto transport companies will meet you right outside the military gates for pickup or delivery unless your base location is allowing auto transport shipping carriers to come on base to deliver or pickup your vehicle. If your vehicle is non-running and needs an auto transport company to ship a non running car or truck, there are car transporters that specialize in handling non running vehicles.

All transport companies are insured. Each truck is individually insured and we there is up to date insurance information on file and ready for any copies of proof of insurance you may request.  The actual travel times for a car transport company depend on the numbers of drivers aboard the truck. For example, a car shipper transporting a car from New York to Florida would have a drive time of 2 days with only 2 drivers, but with 1 driver it can 4 days depending on the drive laws for the states they are shipping cars across. Another example, an auto transport company shipping a car from FL to TX would take 3 days with 1 driver, and only 1.5 to 2 days with 2 drivers.

When transporting an automobile from New York to California with one driver on board the drive time can take 10-14 days, but with 2 drivers on board the drive time will be less only taking 4-5 days to ship a car long distance. Please keep these things in mind when making your auto transport plans. When you get close to the dates you will be moving a vehicle from state to state, call our office and we will give you an idea of the timing you need to plan for your auto transport in United States.

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