iphone 6 release


The iPhone offers many of the advanced features found on competing devices, but it also differs from other smartphones on the market.iPhone is a series of smartphones developed by Apple Inc.

The iPhone runs the iOS operating system, or OS. Other smartphone operating systems include Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows. The iOS runs solely on the iPhone, while other operating systems, such as Android, are available on multiple brands of cellphones.

The iOS includes multitasking, folders and tethering that allows other devices to share the phone’s Internet connection, but similar features are available with other mobile operating systems as well. One difference is that although iOS can be “hacked,” it doesn’t allow the same level of customization and programming as the systems that run other smartphones.


The iPhone connects to Apple’s App store, which offers thousands of applications for use on the iPhone. Programmers must use a special set of developer tools to make the apps, and many have at least a small fee for use. Other operating systems don’t require the use of propriety software for application development.

iPhone is very slip and Its hard to believe a phone so thin could offer so many features in this technical world.

iPhone 6 Release

The family of Apple’s smartphones is growing fast. The iPhone 5 landed with success and there are already rumors of a new iPhone 5S or an iPhone 6.

The iPhone 5S is rumored to be a low cost version of the iPhone that will allow Apple to test the waters in the prepaid market. Additionally, it will allow Apple to appeal their iPhone to consumers living in countries that are not as well off as the United States.


Features like fingerprint security, smarter external sensors, an improved camera, and non-touch wireless charging are all being talked about.


Most importantly, though, are the talks regarding Apple offering a more affordable entry option. This could make for a significant impact on Apple’s share of the underdeveloped countries mobile markets.

We all know Apple would love to release the 4.8 inch iPhone 6 in 2013, however it’s just not a possibility. Manufacturing difficulties will cause a serious delay, pushing the release date back to 2014.

Apple would have loved to release the iPhone 6 late this year, likely in October. This delay will definitely cause a loss in market shares. The delay is due to Apple’s screen suppliers, they are having issues increasing the size of the screen from 4 inches to 4.8 inches while maintaining the same functionality we are used to.

The iPhone currently uses technology called “in-cell”, allowing the front glass display to work as a touch screen. Apple’s suppliers are finding it hard to turn a profit producing bigger displays for the iPhone 6. While a 2013 release date for the iPhone 6 would have been nice, we won’t be left with nothing. Expect a budget oriented iPhone to be released this summer, as well as an iPhone 5S which will be a slightly improved iPhone 5.

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