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Questions You Need Answered Before Hiring Austin Movers
Before hiring any moving company, well you need to do your homework fairly well. You need to ask some leading questions that will guide you to selecting the best company to move your property to the required destination. In your research homework, you need to carry out interviews with the select companies and try to have some questions answered. A one on one interview with such companies is thus very important. You can do this over the phone but doing it face to face is much better so as not to miss the small details that matter in the long run. Here are some of the necessary questions you need to ask:
What is the procedure for wrapping, packaging and loading?
Some companies do not do the wrapping meaning that you will have to do it yourself while others will offer to do it for you. If the company agrees to do the wrapping, what are the charges involved or is it for free? Wrapping is very crucial to ensure safety of your property such as the furniture to avoid scratches while on transit. loading is a also a point of concern hence the need to ask some questions related to this such as the time the loading process is likely to take taking into consideration the size of your household, how many workers expected to do the job in the shortest time possible and the number of movers among others. Are there extra charges for these services? This is the question you need well elaborated by all of the companies you hold the interview with. The rates decided by the company should be done once they inspect your cargo and never through the phone.
What is the mover’s reputation?
The company of your choice besides proving to be the cheapest in terms of the rates they charge in moving your stuff, it should also indicate some degree of experience and good reputation in the community. You may ask the agents for customer reviews to show this or even ask friends and family about the particular company. People’s experience with the company is likely to be the same experience for you so try to find out more about the company’s reputation in the community. Austin movers like many other moving companies are usually trying their best to impress their surrounding community by offering their services in the best way possible but try to get the best impression about what they do to the community around them.
What special tools are available for use?
Moving companies usually use various tools to make packaging and loading easier. The use of elevators and heights should come into question in order to know a company’s specialty. This is very important as some property require some special equipment for protection. Austin movers promising a good deal by answering all these questions in the best way with low costs incurred should simply take the contract to move your property.
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