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Guest posts or Sponsored Article are posts submitted by non-members of that Space. Each Space has its own designated posting email. If you allow guest posting, anyone who emails that email will have the ability to submit a post to your Space with your approval. You can find immoderate Guest Post in your Dashboard and choose to approve or Delete them. Being a “guest” is always somewhat exciting until you actually get there; then suddenly it’s nerve-racking and you feel like you’re walking on eggshells. People usually associate this feeling with meeting the parents or going on an interview.


Fortunately, there is advice out there about how to approach these situations with ease— stay calm, don’t talk too much, smile a lot, always compliment the owners of the house or the business office, and never disagree with the host. In most situations this works, and at the very least this advice will help calm someone down. This led me to wonder about instances in which someone is a guest when marketing their business, and I immediately thought about guest blogging. Do people get this same feeling when they are hoping to guest blog on a website?


Since the Internet has become so portable, many individuals are starting to realize that guest posting is a great way to show off your writings skills while working from home. Many websites accept guest posts in exchange for a payment, because they want their site to have continuous quality content. This makes guest posting very appealing to many; therefore the competition to write the best guest post is fierce.


The benefits of Guest Post are many. For individuals, guest posting is a way to help pay the bills. For companies, guest posting is an easy way to extend the reach and increase the popularity of a brand. Once you get the hang of guest posting, I think you will find that it can be very rewarding. In many industries, you do your work, turn it in, and then it’s over. With guest posting, you will find that your articles are there to stay, usually forever, so you’ll never be short of ammo when it comes time to impress.