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To get the best result from a good shave, it is important how well you look onto hygiene and the way of shaving. The world is divided and there are many people who opt for both the dry and the wet shave. Whichever ways you choose make sure you have the right materials and utensils, so that you always get the best results.

The razor is the most important tool, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and the blades are changed and dried after each shave. Nothing can be more harmful than getting a shave form a rusty blade. These problems usually arise from the traditional razors where the blades had to be fit inside the holder on a handle. People who use such razors are advised to remove all the parts and clean the entire apparatus, edge to edge and then assemble it.

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This should be done before each shave, though it is time  consuming, but it saves you from a lot of potential health risks, like skin itching and irritation. There are also some use-and throw razors used in wet shaving. These should also be cleaned thoroughly and should not be used for more than 3-4 uses.

For people who haven’t used electric shavers, it may look a lot complicated at first sight, and many people might not go for even cleaning it. This is wrong, even the electric razors can be cleaned thoroughly. First the foils to be removed from the holders and then it can be cleaned using damp cloth or brushes.

Cut whiskers and brushes are used to clean the cutters and the hair chamber; you can also apply oil to it, if you wish, for better running. You can also remove the entire knife block from the shaver, but this is limited in many devices. Those electric shavers having rotator blades should be cleaned regularly, by removing the blades from each foil and treating them with few drops of oil for better working.

The trimmer should also be cleaned properly. Most of the electric shavers come with their cleaning brushes, which have fine whiskers for better cleaning. Most of them can also be easily be opened up and assembled back and are water resistant so that you can use liquid cleaning agents for the process.

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