Josh Jambon


Mr. Josh Jambon is a well known as the head of vessel transportation company, Jambon Marine Services. Mr. Jambon graduates from the Nicholls State University, Louisiana with a degree in business management. The business acumen of Josh compelled him to do something of his own. So he opened a super-value marine supply to support the offshore activities in the Gulf of Mexico.

As the Gulf being the most prominent spots for business exchange, the opportunities were also huge. Later in 2005 he recognised that there is an untapped market and an increased demand in offshore supplying in the Gulf of Mexico and thus Jambon Boat Rentals was created. This was second entrepreneurial business venture.

Josh Jambon has got an extensive expertise of more than 25 years in the oil and gas industry. The move he once took to grow in this area along with his intelligence prowess made him and his company as the industry leaders and thus made him move internationally as well.


The Jambon Marine Services has now offices in more than 62 offices worldwide with a stronghold in Mexico and South America. The company even has its offices in Ghana, Africa, where they not only provide their services but help the native people get their supplies through trains and other means of transport.

Currently Jambon Marine Services has emerged out as the company offering best transportation services all over the world. The excellent fleet of high performing vessels works for almost every major and minor oil and natural gas corporations around the world.


The Jambon network is known for carrying high expertise and work ethics wherever they go. Locally at each international spot they are known for handling around 17 offices for better co-ordination of work.


Mr. Jambon is also a renowned member of the global body known as ISNetworld which is platform for creating safe and reliable connections between contractors and suppliers, buyers and sellers from all around the world. These business men represent corporations involved in high stake capital intensive work environment.


The body performs with managing the accuracy and free flow of valuable information between these prime sectors. This helps the corporations involved in any deal to organise a proper process for easy execution of work and profits for all.

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