Free strategy war games


These days, quality strategy war games are expensive, and this might be why you’re interested in finding some free, online strategy war games. Just because you want to play quality online strategy war games doesn’t mean that you have to pull out your wallet and have your credit card number ready. There are plenty of strategy war games available on the ‘net for free! Here are some of the best games



“Evil Defence” provides nonstop action in a fast-paced game mode for war feigns. If you’re into the tower defence game play style, this game is for you. With an interface very similar to the “Warcraft” tower defence games, you’ll have nonstop funs creaming those baddies with the fully customizable in-game turrets. You’ve only got 10 lives to spare in “Evil Defence.” Can you make it to the tenth round?


Check out “War 2 Glory” if you like the idea of progressively taking over the whole world. “War 2 Glory” is game jam-packed with action, and strategy is the only way you’re going to make it to the end. Spend time building up various structures such as hospitals, harbours, airports, and more while you take on enemy forces and gain power. It’s one of the better online Free Strategy War Games on the internet, and you don’t want to miss it!


“Evony” is one of the more popular strategy war games because it can be played in real time against other players! The game revolves around quests and building your kingdom up so that you can begin to control other cities. Many like the game simply because many features can be tweaked, straight down to the tax rate for your population. Send troops out when you’re ready to dominate and keep applying upgrades to your buildings to help fortify your city.


If you’re into galaxy wars and controlling an entire planet, “Bulfleet” is for you. In Bulfleet, you can control your very own planet and build its strength up by researching technologies, building new structures, developing an economy, and so much more. Once you’re ready, you can engage in space combat with other planets, and even inhabit more planets with your civilization.


“Holy War” is one of the more religion-based Online Strategy War Games that allow you to conquer and defend! Choose from three different faiths (Christian, Saracen or Pagan), and begin your quest to defend! Depending on your faith, you will receive a particular weapon to do damage with. Form alliances, send troops into battle, partake in arena tournaments, purchase goods, and so much more in the fast-paced and action-packed online war game!