Try mypcbackup for Online Backup

22/08/2014 23:58

People today are looking for online backup service mainly because they wanted to ensure that their files are safe from any physical threats such as theft and hardware problems. Failure to do off-site backup could lead to serious data loss. One of the companies that offer this service is mypcbackup. The company has a head office in United Kingdom so they are a fairly established company. The same as with looking for other services online, see to it that you learn more about them first prior to giving any commitment.


After creating an account in their website, you could now choose a plan to subscribe. Of course you need to try their trial version first prior to going for a premium account. This way you will learn more about their service base on personal experience. Though it is pretty enticing to go for a long-term subscription for it could lower monthly cost, you need to think things over prior to going for such option.

The same as with other online backup service, you will be provided with a downloadable file which you need to install in your computer to utilize their service. Installation of the application is not hard to do since it comes with an installation wizard which could make things easier for anyone regardless of their level of expertise in computer usage.

When it comes to doing the backup, a wizard is also available to help you in your first time of doing it. You have the option to back-up the entire My Documents or to manually select the folders that you want to backup. After selecting the files and folders to backup, it will be uploaded to the servers of the backup service provider. Settings are also available to do the backup according to your preference. If you are using the free trial, changing the setting is limited. Simply try those that you could edit to have a better idea on what you can do with the application.

We all have different perspectives when it comes to using a program or service. For those who are planning to try mypcbackup, better utilize their free trial first. From there you could decide on your own if it’s the right one for you or not.